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EU public procurement support

Public procurement is the field were both legal and procurement expertise must work together to provide value while adressing legal risks. As experienced procurement and legal professionals we can assist private companies that wish to participate in a public tender in the European Union. 

Areas of Focus.

Meritable brings years of experience in strategic sourcing for several areas of supply.

Marketing & Communications

IT & data

Professional Services

HR & Education

Claims & loss handling


Public Tender Services.

  • Requirements analysis

  • Drafting documentation

  • Legal reviews

  • Commercial reviews

  • Compliance reviews

  • Stakeholder alignment

  • Project Management

We can adjust our public tender support in the right manner to help you create more value. 

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Other procurement services.

Category Expertise

Consulting to solve your procurement challenges.

Category Management

 Continuous improvement of similar products or services.

Commercial contracting

Legal & procurement support to get your agreement from draft to signed.