What can you help me with?

We provide two types of services: legal services and procurement services. Here is how we can help improve your business:

  • Get the expert support and skills to take the next steps in procurement, and learn from proven solutions for your critical challenges with category management, strategic sourcing, contracting and supplier relationship management. 
  • Get help with your projects and the advantage of our tools and best practices that help you save time to support the growth of your business, innovation, or  improving value to cost ratios.
  • Get answers and advice from subject matter experts.

You can view an overview of our services here.

What type of legal services do you provide?

We mainly draft, review and negotiate procurement and distribution agreements. In line with this we offer legal consulting for contract, procurement, IT & IP law. Each of these legal specializations are applied to the procurement categories in the sectors finance, life sciences and technology by a subject-matter expert, ensuring the highest level of both regulatory, category and industry knowledge.

Do you receive payment from vendors?

We are an independent boutique company. We work for the buyside. We do not receive payments or are offered advantages for steering clients to specific products and/or services. A lot of marketplaces on the internet provide a model to select providers. However, these marketplaces simply get paid referral fees by the vendor you select for your business.

Can I trust you with our information?

You can entrust us with the confidentiality of your information. We maintain several security measures to protect confidential data.


We use proven, industry standard encryption algorithms for our mails and storage. Encryption occurs as we key in data and no data in emails or attachments is sent in clear text. Even if someone manages to access our email accounts, they won’t be able to read your data. We also use encryption for personal data in our online contract tooling.

We use provider solutions with common criteria certification, an international standard that ensures the security products we use meet the top-level requirements of national security, defence and government agencies around the world.

Security monitoring

We scan our site for viruses and malware – not just the front end – but also at the server level. We also monitor related services (DNS, WHOIS, SSL) to ensure visitors aren’t redirected to another site or tricked into giving their private information. Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) intercepts and inspects all incoming data and automatically removes any malicious code. You can verify our latest security status and scan results via the third party security shields at the bottom of erach webpage.

SSL certificate

An SSL encrypts data being transmitted to and from our website to keep the data private during transmission.

How do you process personal data?

For more information on how we process personal data, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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