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Procurement services that support your organisation in meeting today’s challenges, managing risks and adhering to regulatory requirements.

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Protect your company

We take care of the fine print in supplier contracts to manage risks.

Improve performance

Procurement capabilities to deliver more value and reduce costs.

Regulatory compliance

We adress regulatory requirements for your sector and organisation.

We provide an integrated legal and procurement capability with deep supply market knowledge.

With over 25 years of experience procuring everything from professional services, IT, HR, marketing to business process outsourcing, you can trust us with your procurement projects.

legal & procurement handled in one service

Procurement & legal
as one service.

We combine legal and procurement expertise and capabilities into one seamless integrated service. Integrated services make all the difference in lowering your legal costs while making the right procurement decisions.

Sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement provides added value and guards against reputational damage by embedding ethical and sustainable practices in accordance with ISO 20400.

Fostering innovation.

We help you look at business opportunities and risks and market changes and accelerate the improvement opportunities with supply partners and improve cooperation with suppliers.

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Let us take care of your procurement service needs.

Cost control remains top of mind for most business owners and executives starting procurement initiatives. How can you deliver sustainable savings and deliver impressive performance for clients? With our procurement consulting services organizations can not only save money, but also mitigate supply risks, improve supplier performance, and drive innovation.

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Take a look at the services we offer

Our services help you protect your business and get better results, whether you wish to simply buy products or services, manage legal risks or improve your procurement results.

Category Management

Category management services provide the ongoing strategic management of a specific category – from understanding spend, to developing a category strategy, to driving the lowest total cost of ownership, and ongoing compliance, and supplier performance management.

Strategic Sourcing

Our strategic sourcing process balances internal and external activities and aligns with your business strategy, business processes and product or service requirements. We strengthen the project with our category expertise and sourcing best practices to obtain the results that must be achieved and keep future options available.

Public Procurement

Our public procurement expertise focuses on the procurement of goods and services. This involves executing procurement processes and drafting of documentation, and consulting on procurement of professional services, IT, data, HR, facilities, marketing and research & development compliant with EU procurement regulations.

Commercial Contracting

Our expertise focuses on the procurement of goods and services. This involves structuring and optimizing procurement of professional services, IT, data, HR, facilities, marketing, research & development, ecommerce capabilities and claims & loss handling. We have experience in drafting and consulting on commercial contracts, including outsourcing, insourcing, licensing, distribution, joint ventures and general purchasing and delivery conditions.

Our services help you protect your business and get better procurement results.

Our services include end-to-end services in the sourcing cycle – from spend analysis and opportunity identification to contract signature. We can support your procurement efforts by providing procurement consulting, take the end-to-end ownership of sourcing projects, or a complete category.

Sector expertise

Our practice focuses on the finance, technology, life sciences and governmental sectors.

Financial Services sector

Financial Services

Procurement services for insurance companies, banks, investment managers, pension funds and intermediaries providing results to meet today’s challenges compliant with EU financial regulations .

Technology sector


Procurement services tailored for technology service providers and technical industrial companies that require significant R&D investments and the safeguarding of intellectual property, while adhering to strict regulations that may impact the bottom-line.

Life sciences sector

Life Sciences

Procurement services for healthcare, medical devices and pharmaceutical organizations in adressing a changing environment for patient care while adhering to stricter regulatory requirements.

govermental authorities


Procurement services for decentralized authorities required to tender for goods and services in compliance with EU procurement directives.

Secure online service

We invest in the security of our services in order to maintain the confidentiality of your business information in accordance with ISO27001.

Tailor-made service

We provide tailor-made advice to select providers that match your organization’s size and budget.

100% independent

We work for the buy-side, so no service provider can influence your choices.

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