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Scope of complaints procedure

Anyone who wants to complain about the professional conduct of Meritable, or of its employees, can submit a complaint about this in the manner described in this complaints procedure.

The following are not regarded as complaints within the meaning of this complaints procedure. Complaints:

  • in connection with disputes about the execution of an agreement by Meritable;
  • about the amount or payment of an invoice or disbursement;
  • which have already been submitted and have been treated in accordance with this complaints procedure;
  • that are worked on by a disputes committee, mediator or arbitrators;
  • that are part of a dispute before the civil, criminal or administrative judge;
  • that are part of a judicial or government investigation;
  • related to the Meritable employee manual;
  • that relate to professional actions more than two (2) years ago.

If the complaint is not handled, the complainant will be notified of this in writing within four weeks of confirmation of receipt of the complaint and will be notified that the complaint will not be dealt with in substance.

The complaint will lapse as soon as the complainant indicates that the employee to whose conduct the complaint relates has satisfactorily met the complainant’s grievances, the complainant has withdrawn the complaint, or if during the complaints procedure one of the situations excluded from the complaints procedures occurs.

Procedure for complaints

For a careful and proper handling of the complaint, it is desirable that the submitted complaint contains at least:

  • the name and address of the complainant;
  • the name of the employee whose conduct the complaint relates to;
  • the complainant’s relationship to Meritable;
  • a description of the conduct against which the complaint is directed;

Complaints can be submitted in English, German or Dutch to complaints@meritable.net. The Compliance Officer is responsible for the registration and the careful handling of the submitted complaints and confirms receipt of the complaint to the complainant and conducts an investigation as a result of the complaint.

The Compliance Officer periodically informs the complainant about the status of the handling of the complaint.

If the Compliance Officer is of the opinion that more information is required for the handling of the complaint, additional information from the complainant may be requested. After receiving all necessary information for the handling of the complaint, Meritable conducts an internal investigation. Meritable can involve an external specialist in the preparation and/or execution of the internal investigation. The hearing of the complainant and the employee can be part of the investigation.

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